Idea Maker Level 3: Pitch it right to get the right feedback

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This module is part of the Idea Maker Course.

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Welcome to Level 3 of the Idea Maker Course!

In Level 1 you got your idea out of your head and onto the back of a napkin – well, onto a pretty handy Idea Napkin actually. So you’d be ready take it out into the world. And in Level 2 you figured out who your customers really are – or who you think they’re going to be. And what value you’re going to offer to them. And who else in the landscape really matters.

Now it’s time to level up on how you’re going to communicate to those customers and other key stakeholders, both to persuade and especially for feedback. So that you can become the defacto global expert at both your customer and your idea.

You’ll use our well-known pitch framework to help you fashion your pitch into a compelling story. You’ll get a bunch of detailed coaching on what separates a good pitch from all the rest. You’ll see how to avoid becoming a Dragon’s Den (or Lion’s Den, Den D, Leijonan Kita, マネーの虎, Tu Oportunidad, or Shark’s Tank) fatality before you even get started.

And you’ll learn the power of putting the right pitch in front of the right people at the right time for the right feedback.

1. An invitation to level up on how you pitch your passion

We’re all human and we all love stories. But we’re not all good at telling our own stories – especially when it comes to things we’ve come to know too well or care a lot about. And especially with the right mindset if we’re out there trying to make it happen.

In the following comments we emphasize why all of this is so important and we invite you to level up in how you communicate when designing the big impact versions of your ideas.

2. Get yourself a copy of the ’Pitching Your Passion as a Story’ framework

The ‘Pitching Your Passion as a Story’ framework

The framework in this infographic has been used to develop winning pitches in all kinds of contexts. From 2-3 minute elevator pitches, to 30 minute business and financial pitches, to keynote talks, to TEDx talks.

People have even reported back to us about having used it in casual conversations, staff meetings, and to pitch their spouses!

And there’s a good reason for its success. You see: we’re all human; humans love a good story; any idea for changing the world (even a little corner of it) can be pitched in the form of a compelling story.

The framework isn’t meant as template or a recipe. But rather, as a guide to the anatomy of the audience member and the key elements of a compelling pitch.

In this level it provides a foundation for a wealth of advice on how you can develop the right version of your pitch for the right people. And how to use that to seek support, get the feedback you need, and build a version of your idea that changes the world.

So download it now and buckle up.

3. A little ’before and after’ challenge to kick things off

Pull out your phone or camera. There’s no time like right now to get started! And there’s nothing as powerful as watching yourself grow. We urge you to take this little challenge and record a pitch of your idea right now!

(And we’re willing to bet that you’ll look back at it after completing this level in awe at how much your ability to communicate with and compel others to help you has changed!)

4. Take in the lessons below!

Then click through the lessons below when you’re ready to upgrade your pitch!

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