The Idea Maker Course

The following levels of the Idea Maker Course were developed and licensed to SVP Calgary by the Straight Up Business Institute. The aim of the course is to help leaders and their teams design highly impactful and imminently feasible versions of their ideas and opportunities. To help them “build the right it” before committing scarce time and resources to “building it right”. To foster teams where the best ideas and opportunities always win. It can be used as a self-paced course or, more often, as part of an experiential and iterative sleeves-rolled-up learning experience.

This course is free but you need to be registered to access it. We’ll help you do this when you become a Partner or engage as a nonprofit with SVP Calgary’s Social Opportunity Accelerator.


Idea Maker Level 1: Get Your Idea Out of Your Head


Idea Maker Level 2: Figure out who your customers really are


Idea Maker Level 3: Pitch it right to get the right feedback

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