Being a Partner

Our Partners and donors come from all walks of life, from young professionals and executives, to stay at home parents or retirees. As much as they’re different, they all share a passion for our community and the desire to make it better. They know that together we can achieve incredible impact.

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How it works

SVP Partners make a minimum, tax-deductible contribution of $500 annually. Donations are pooled to support local nonprofits through projects and grants as well as our learning, networking, and innovation programming.

And Partners engage – they get to learn about innovation and the social sector and use their unique talents and skills in a variety of ways. Engagement can range from a quick review of an event or social media plan to in-depth participation on a consulting project about the strategy and direction of an organization – and anything in between.

Consider some of the benefits and take the time to meet meet our current Partners.

Will you join us?

For more information on how to become Partner at SVP Calgary, please get in touch:

Partners can …

Get engaged and support SVP Calgary in any of the following ways:

Engage in our innovation and learning opportunities

The Nonprofit Fundamentals Program is a new curated education curriculum that prepares our Partners to be most impactful with their time and talent volunteering with nonprofit organizations on short-term consulting projects. The curriculum includes content on important topics including an introduction to SVP Calgary, nonprofit and charitable sector fundamentals , systems change and social innovation, nonprofit board governance, and building sustainable funding models.

Get involved in our social innovation Fast Pitch program

SVP Calgary’s Fast Pitch program is one of the most engaging ways to become involved in our community. Visit our Fast Pitch web page for more information.

Invest in our work

We are grateful for your support, and we’re committed to using our resources to accelerate social innovation.

You can make donations at any time on the donation page of our website.

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